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We went AWOL with John Watson (Prolly is not probably) over the weekend. With an open mind, there’s also room for improvisation. This trip was all about just that. Read John´s words and check out more of his truly amazing pictures HERE.

When Erik and I met at Eurobike last year, we talked about doing a ride to celebrate the Specialized AWOL release. Originally, we talked about Oregon, then LA, but after some research, we realized there were plenty of roads, tracks and trails literally in SF’s backyard.

With the help of Jared from Riv Bike, Erik began to think about a three day route from SF to the Diablo Range, Morgan Territory, Henry Coe and finally, into Morgan Hill where we’d share our story and watch the premier of the Transcontinental film. It seemed like an achievable goal. We’d pack for camping, which included cold nights and mornings and most importantly, we’d take our time.

Rather than actually planning our route, we decided to take trail maps and meander a bit off the beaten path. Digital maps don’t have all the trails marked and some of the current maps of the Diablo range revealed a path none of us had taken. We were set.

Unfortunately, as it tends to go, unexpected elements came into the equation and our plans changed. At first, I was pretty upset about it, seeing as how I was planning on pulling a few stories out of our ride, but after reviewing my photos, I decided it made for a good story…

Part of what the Specialized AWOL project represents is an escape, a desire to get out of your normal ride routine and try something new. Taking a chance if you will. While we didn’t complete our ride, we had fun and saw some incredible displays of color as Mother Nature impressed us all.

Seriously, the sunrise the second day rivals all in my past experiences…

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Convoy of one.



Made a few small changes to the Somec, and took some better photos. Can’t wait to get some longer miles on it!

Love me a Somec!

Phil took his time building this thing up and it really shows in the finished product — a bike that is classy/classic in every way, yet still modern enough to put the hurt on those plastic bikes out on the group ride.


Sidenote: If any of you 6’-ish folk out there are looking for a Somec of your own, I have a 58cm Somec Promax (Columbus MAX tubing, fillet brazed) for sale…get in touch at for more info!



Jesse took some photos of my new Cielo Cross Racer & they are now  up on Prolly is Not Probably

About The Build-  This was my first ever attempt at a full custom build (for myself), so when it came time to pick parts I asked Ty from Golden Saddle for his advice.  Cielo seemed like a no brainer because I had been pining over the Cross Racer for sometime & GSC is an Authorized Cielo Dealer.  We decided to order parts from as many American companies as possible (or as I could possibly afford).  We chose a mix of both domestic & foreign produced pieces from companies like Paul, King Cage, Thomson, Velocity, Enve, Sram, Chris King & Yanco.  The end result is the nicest bicycle I have ever owned. Thank you to all my friends at Golden Saddle Cyclery for their help. I would like to remind anyone reading this that they really are one of the best bike shops in the world and Woody really is THE BEST mechanic around!

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Cadre : CX Columbus Zona, raccords LS
Fourche : Columbus Tusk Cross


Our Sam Hillborne demo fleet.

All sizes are currently in stock, ready to be built up and shipped out.



Photox from riding in Jotunheimen, a mountainous region in southern Norway, with the Jotunheimen national park has the largest concentration of mountains higher than 2,000 meters in Northern Europe. More photos can be found over at Trasé’s website and information on the route taken can be found over at A-B


IMG_2026 by olipop on Flickr.


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